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Why you should join the LSLD Online Dance Academy

What's inside the Academy?

Regularly added dance instructional videos

New videos will be added each month covering basic dance technique on1 and on2, ladies styling and footwork from beginner to advanced, spin and general follow technique and leading technique.

I'm not just creating a video database. I'm creating a community of support, encouragement and empowerment to help YOU become the best dancer you can!

A vibrant, supportive community

Monthly dance and lifestyle trainings

This academy is not just about dance. It's about how dance gives us life and how dance inspires our life. So with that, we will learn how to live whole mind, body and spirit balanced lives! Monthly, I'll offer special live or pre-recorded classes on using dance for personal development and empowerment that you can partake in.

It's so nice to be able to learn from the comfort of home at your own pace. The beauty of having the membership site is that you get to train and learn on your own schedule.

Learn from home

Regularly added training videos on lifestyle and lifeskill topics

My expertise spans the world of wellness in skincare, holistic beauty, positive mindset, stress reduction and optimal healthy living. I know these are keys to a vibrant and fulfilled life and a healthy and successful life as a dancer.
So in addition to our dance repertoire, you'll also have access to regularly recorded trainings on wellness topics, specifically as they relate to being a dancer - amateur or professional.

So you want to perform? Interested in strengthening a particular skill? In the future, I will be designing specific tracks with mind, body, and spirit exercises and techniques to prepare you to successfully achieve your dance goals. You'll also have the option to choose one on one coaching for extra attention and insight.

Specialty tracks

Some Videos from our In-person Classes!

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Who is Leah?

Why you should learn from her...

Leah Patterson is a woman of many hats: wellness & holistic beauty mentor, esthetician, professional salsa dancer, and small business owner but that doesn’t stop her from looking forward to new challenges daily! Leah Patterson has been dancing salsa professionally for over 13 years. In that time, she has become internationally recognized for her smooth and sensual styling and dynamic stage presence. She’s performed and taught all across the world. As a principal dancer of the well known dance company Descarga Caribe for many years, she shared her charisma and love for dancing with salsa enthusiasts in China, England, Spain, Italy, Canada, California, Washington DC, Texas, Chicago and countless other places. Her style of dance has often been described as sophisticated, sharp, precise, imaginative, and even spiritual. One of her last performances with Descarga Caribe included the 2006 ESPN Salsa World Championships in which she helped place the team within the top 10 of the world.

Leah has been privileged to choreograph and perform with many amazing dancers including Sekou McMiller (Chicago/NYC), Darlin Garcia (Philadelphia), Del Dominguez (Chicago), Will Pagan (North Carolina), Betto Herrera (North Carolina), and most recently Amanda Cardona (Austin/New York). She also began North Carolina’s first all female dance team, Femme Finesse and expanded that team to include two additional chapters in South Africa and Arkansas. Currently she teaches in Little Rock, AR and is the founder of Leah’s School of Latin Dance. Visit to learn more about her.

Leah Patterson

Salsa Instructor, Wellness Mentor, Holistic Beauty & Natural Living Expert / CEO of MOVE Makeup and LSLDance